Ask the Experts: Closing & Escrow

TRUE OR FALSE: A loan statement showing the amounts deducted from the face amount of the loan, received from the lender to a transaction, is all that is necessary for the closer to disburse the lender's funds when they are deposited.

FALSE!  The closer must also have written closing instructions detailing:

  • The documents that are to be recorded
  • Any other documents the closer is to collect from the borrower
  • The type and amount of the loan policy to be issued (or a statement that a policy is not required, if that is the case, which it sometimes is!)
  • Any required endorsements
  • Any conditions to be met prior to closing
  • Delivery instructions for the recordable documents and loan policy

In addition the closer must have (usually received by email):

  • Lender's approval of the disbursement statement
  • Final approval to close

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